Rationale Behind The Art

Abstract Art. Abstract images created on Gary Cantor’s imagination.

The Crossing. Profiles created into mountains as part of a landscape.

Social Encounters Series. The thought behind the work is to demonstrate what seems like everyday encounters between adults – then to slightly twist the dynamics to add some “flavor” to the activity.

Unexpected Encounters Series was created to have a file of images accessible to children. I worked with a child’s bookstore to setup an exhibition becoming aware of visual images that are ready for pre-adults viewing and understand. Essentially, Social Encounters are adult content, whereas Unexpected Encounters are family friendly.

This series shows children with creatures they normally fear. The images are graphic “dreams” where there is no danger

Downtown is my view of “life” in what was once the center of a city – Downtown. Those in power were predominantly white males who wore a suit and tie.

Coffee House was commissioned by a cafe in Del Mar, California.

Casitas is a series based on the adobe casitas built in the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico. They are small living quarters and often sit adjacent to larger homes and are used as guest quarters.

Hotel Series is reminiscent of the hotels found in the Old West. Still standing today in a few small towns located far away from the big cities.

Surfer Series was commissioned by a Del Mar Menswear store for exhibition.

Smoking Man Series was commissioned by a tobacco/liquor store for exhibition.

Shootout Series is a stylized version of the heroic movie characters who never seemed to get hit by a bullet.

Floral Series was commissioned by a florist for exhibition in the store.