Rationale Behind The Art

Social Encounters series. The thought behind the work is to demonstrate what seems like everyday encounters between adults – then to slightly twist the dynamics to add some “flavor” to the activity.

I Am Here to Tell You I Might be Telling You the Truth. This image is not directed at one person or party – it is in my opinion that those who covet power and can afford to pay for it will purchase a narcissist who will say anything – regardless of validity –  that must be said to gain votes.

I Could have Been a Contender is a satire of the classic punch-drunk fighter who does not know it is “over”.  Like the injured party in a divorce.

If Castro Could Only See Us Now – also explains itself.

No – It’s “Of All The Gin Joints, In All The Towns …” – somehow when I was drawing I could see this couple (strangers) together at a bar near closing. You should know they are now married with three children.

Prego shows a smiling host emerged from my sketch welcoming you to his café.

Quarterly Projections came about because of total lack of my ability to understand anything dealing with numbers – never believed they worked. So referring to a Ouija board is as good a way as any to come up with the figures for a quarterly report.

Sunday Morning is part of the work for the bike shop exhibition.

Sure Beats Jogging is part of the work for the bike shop exhibition.

Politically Correct 101, 102, and 103 are takes on subjects that are now taboo.

Unexpected Encounters series was created to have a file of images accessible to children. I worked with a child’s bookstore to setup an exhibition becoming aware of visual images that are ready for pre-adults viewing and understand. Essentially, Social Encounters are adult content, whereas Unexpected Encounters are family friendly.

This series shows children with creatures they normally fear. The images are graphic “dreams” where there is no danger in a threatening situation.

A Visit With a Baby Dinosaur.

A Visit With a Bear

A Visit With a Big Bird

A Visit With a Crocodile

A Visit With a Dragon

The following series shows two creatures that are normally not together – a way of saying, “You can be with someone who is different from you.” Those with an asterisk are exceptions and were just produced for the fun of it.

Butterfly and Goldfish

Centaur, Cat & Bird

Fairy & Ghost

Fireman & Marlin

Four-Legged Thing & Clown

Here We go*

I Told You Dad*

True Love*

Two-Headed Thing & Dog

Vaudevillian Soft Shoe*

Vaudevillian Tap-Dancers Act*

View of Aggro Turtle*

Yes – That’s the Moon*

Downtown is my view of “life” in what was once the center of a city – Downtown. Those in power were predominantly white males who wore a suit and tie.

Stranger shows the attitude of the conservative businessmen to anyone who dare look different and not be in proper business attire.

The Interview is an example of the one-sided situation where the interviewer was in total control. Unlike today where there are many new opportunities in technology and medicine, etc. – there were very few entry level jobs available, and few college educations prepared you for entry into the real business world – thus the interview demonstrates the power position of the interviewer – who could smoke unlike the interviewee.

Heads Up – there were often all-night poker or other card games held in the office after closing. In all candor, “Heads Up” normally referring to Texas Hold Em would not be true – they would be playing gin rummer or traditional poker games (five card draw, etc.). Texas Hold Em became popular much later through TV exposure.

Montage, Montage Two, Harbor, Trademark, Sunrise, and Calculations are all abstracts of the subject “Downtown”

Coffee House shows my interpretation of what happens in the most popular gathering place of our time.

Discussion is a wishful idea of an orthodox Israeli and a Palestinian sitting down over coffee and peacefully explaining their individual positions about the Israeli-Palestinian situation.

Son & Father Reunion shows the reunion of both and how they differ in their lifestyles.

Hot Chocolate needs no explanation.

Loyal Friend – nor does “Loyal Friend.”

Negotiation demonstrates management and labor sitting down over a cup of coffee to negotiate.

Saturday shows a full house at the coffee house.

Casitas and Hotel series are self-explanatory.

Surfer Series is more about the ocean than the surfer. It represents the personality and power of the ocean – the under tows, unexpected  changes of breaking waves, kelp, seaweed, salt, wind, and the fear of being surrounded by nontransparent  water. Think about it, the ocean is the only environment we go into not knowing what we are surrounded by and what is under us. In a lake – you can see to the bottom and the same in many bays – ever thing else we enter, if it is dark, we use a flashlight. Amazing how we learn to trust going into the surf.

Smoking Man Series is a spin-off of a popular series I did of Cowboys and Detectives smoking. That is when smoking was accepted, and the popular movie star version of the masculine heroes often had them smoking come sort of tobacco product.